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About Casa Bella

Casa Bella is a restaurant that I can recommend without hesitation.

Steven Shaw

Everything is great. The chicken parmigiana is a credit to its species–moist chicken, a crispy crust, cheese that tastes like cheese and an outstanding, sweet, chunky tomato sauce. The fettuccini Alfredo, well, let’s just say I had forgotten that, when it’s good, fettuccini Alfredo may very well be the perfect food (or, as my wife put it, shaking her head in disbelief, “Damn, that’s good.”). And even the lowly stuffed button mushrooms are executed with some flair–the vegetable-based stuffing being a welcome departure from the typical, pasty bread-crumb-based preparation. It’s clear that a human cook, and not a robot, has prepared this food. And what’s this? Good desserts at an Italian restaurant? We actually enjoy the flaky, creamy millefuille (basically a Napoleon) and the moist, not-too-sweet ricotta cheesecake. We resolve to put the kitchen to the test on our next visit. No question, there is going to be a next visit.

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